Will Dogelon Mars Follow Shiba Inu’s Pace to Moon 10x This Cycle?

Traders in the crypto community, have been leveling up with every market cycle. While some look no ahead of utility and potential. Others are keen on making fortunes out of high-yielding assets. Successively, investors are buffing the glitter of meme coins, with their interest in the high compounding digital assets. Meanwhile, ELON is yet another meme coin, which is ensuring its presence to be felt.

This Is Why ELON Is More Than Just a Meme Coin!

Dogelon Mars has been gaining traction in recent times, with the growing community of meme coins. While many new investors in the space, are curious about the coin as its name rhymes with celebrity investor Elon Musk. Section of investors believes the digital asset to be much more than a meme coin. Owing to its utility, alliance, and future prospects, which we delineate further ahead.

  1. Currency: The firm’s aim is to offer the first intergalactic currency, which would be a fair currency of the people.
  1. Mars Mission: The makers look forward to colonizing Mars and making humanity a multi-planetary species.
  1. Alliance: Partnerships include Methuselah Foundation (Longevity and space projects with NASA’s CASIS, ISS, and Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine).
  1. Marketing: The marketing strategy is luring investors, with its comic series, giveaways, meme contests, advertising, and community-driven marketing.
  1. Roadmap: Investors looking out to HODL any investment, never miss out on the roadmap of the project. And the platform chalks out NFTs, De-Fi, Multichain staking for its roadmap.

 On the other hand, xELON is a governance token. That facilitates decision-making and provides incentives for the Dogelon Mars De-Fi ecosystem. The token is created by participating in the ELON staking program. 

The tokens are given as rewards to users, who help make the ecosystem robust. By staking their ELON or ELON/WETH LP tokens.  xELON will be used to vote on initiatives, coordinate protocol decision-making, distribute grants from the treasury, among others.

Martians on the Rise?

ELON is trading at $0.00000174 with negative gains of 4.2%. While the market cap of the coin is at $978,524,622. The trading volume for 24-hours is hovering around $255,760,114. The coin hit its ATH of $0.00000259 a couple of days ago. The meme coin has been consolidating, post its healthy leg-up. And investors have been accumulating the dips.

Meanwhile, SHIB Price is firmly holding its dominance amongst meme coins. The Doge-killer at press time is trading 21.9% higher at $0.00005852. While netizens are contemplating an alternative to SHIB. SHIB enthusiasts are optimistic about the digital asset leading its supremacy across cycles. 

Collectively, meme coins have been the talk of the town for over a month now. And newer coins are emerging, enticing traders to flock in. Meanwhile, Dogelon Mars has made its way into the top-25 meme tokens with the highest social engagements. Which is a positive move for investors keen on meme coin investments. And traders now have multiple options to consider apart from DOGE and SHIB.


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