THREAT TO WEST Russia to deploy nearly 50 Satan-2 nukes warns Putin ally as chilling test launch pics show 26ft hole left by missile

A PUTIN ally has bragged about how Russia is set to deploy almost 50 of its "unstoppable" Satan-2 nuke.

Dmitry Rogozin's boast came as as he showed off a huge crater made in a test launch of the missile in a chilling warning to the West.

Putin crony Dmitry Rogozin showed off a crater caused by the Satan 2 nuke in a bid to scare the West

Standing at the colossal height of a 14-storey tower block, the 208 ton RS-28 Sarmat missile is capable of striking targets at almost 16,000mph.

The terrifying nuke can strike targets at almost 16,000mph

The world-ending nuke can also carry 15 warheads and has the potential to obliterate an area the size of the UK in a single blast.

In the latest in a series of attempted scaremongering by Russia, Putin crony Rogozin - head of the Russian space agency Roscosmos - highlighted a 26ft deep hole made using the nuke without an atomic warhead at a training range in Kamchatka. 

He said: "With a nuclear charge, such a crater at an enemy site will be well, very large and very deep - and radioactive. 


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