Summer essentials: Make your skin glow with these herbs

In summers, excessive exposure to sun, dust and pollution can make the skin appear dull and dry. While there are many products that promise to make the skin glow, they may aggravate the problem, in the long run, owing to the presence of chemicals. But there are also certain natural remedies and herbs that are recommended in Ayurveda to get healthy skin during summer, said Vikas Chawla, founder and director, Vedas Cure.


Skin Glow To keep the skin cool and fresh, you can use summer herbs. (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

Sandalwood – Sandalwood is a fantastic herb, which has many benefits other than just treating acne. It is also used as a key ingredient in many beauty products across the globe. It possesses anti-ageing properties that prevent early sagging of skin, and hence, avoids wrinkles. It also has anti-tanning properties, which can come in handy to treat sunburns and suntan caused by the summer sun. It leaves a soothing aftereffect on the skin. Sandalwood can be used in multiple ways such as including it in face packs or combining it with curd and honey.

Neem – Neem is a natural healer and antiseptic that helps in healing wounds and scars without leaving marks on the skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties, which purify the blood and reduces acne and pimples. Neem oil can also be used to get rid of dry, itchy, and tight skin and reduce the redness caused by it.

Aloe vera – Aloe vera is known for its various benefits for the skin. Applying pure aloe vera can help in soothing sunburns and reduce skin ageing. Drinking pulpy aloe vera juice is also recommended for dealing with many skin-related problems like eczema, psoriasis, etc.

Saffron – It is rich in various vitamins and mineral which are beneficial for the skin during summer. It has antioxidants and possesses anti-inflammatory properties, which help in soothing sunburns and heat rashes. It also has anti-fungal properties, which help in treating common summer skin problems like acne and pimples. It is also known to lighten the skin and can also be included in different DIY face packs to treat skin tan.

Herbal face oils – Kumkumadi and jojoba oil can be great for the skin in summer. They have moisturising properties and help in keeping the skin feeling fresh and bouncy. Jojoba oils regulate sebum production and avoid oily-looking skin which can cause clogged pores and subsequently acne. On the other hand, kumkumadi oil is excellent for treating pigmentation, dullness and dark spots caused by the sun during summer.

Herbal oils Oils have moisturising properties and help in keeping the skin feeling fresh and bouncy.(Source: Pixabay)

Eating habits

“Your eating habits directly impact the health of your skin; consuming foods that are cooling in nature help in keeping the body cool. These food items include gulkand, which is made using rose petals and sugar. It is considered highly beneficial for the body because of its cooling properties. It helps in reducing excess heat (known as pitta in Ayurveda), which is harmful to the skin and keeps the body cool even during soaring temperatures. Consuming hydrating food items like watermelon, cucumber, coconut water is also recommended. They help in fulfilling the body’s water requirements and are filling too. Rich in fiber and antioxidants, they also help in keeping problems like constipation away. Your body will thank you for switching to coconut water instead of colas and other sugary drinks,” he said.

What to avoid

To keep the skin cool and fresh, one must avoid eating spicy, salty and fried foods, especially during summer. These items are difficult to digest and may cause bloating. Fried food items make the skin oilier in summer, especially during humid days, resulting in acne, scars and pimples.


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