International Cat Day 2021 Agust8


August the 8th is International Cat Day, and it’s not hard to see why our little feline friends hold such a special place in our affections.

Funny cat videos, memes and cute pictures of cats are some of the most viewed content online, which just confirms our obsession with the furry things. While research shows that watching funny cat videos online can boost a person’s energy and create positive emotions, according to the experts owning a cat can also be good for your heart. Petting a cat is said to reduce stress levels, and with people having such hectic lives, they can be an easier and less demanding choice of pet than owning a dog.

If you ask me i’d say that cats have more than earned their extra treats and cuddles this International Cat Day, so go on, show your appreciation to that moggy in your life or buy that extra pack of cat food at the shops to donate to your local rescue centre as a little thanks to our four legged pals!


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